All Sunday Morning Bible Study sessions meet at 9:00am in the various facilities of Central Baptist Church.

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“The issue of faith is not so much whether we believe in God, but whether we believe the God we believe in.” - R.C. Sproul (“Knowing Scripture” p.35)
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Sunday Morning Bible Study - Don Sellars
Don is one of our Elders with years of Bible teaching experience. This is a mixed Adult Bible study. For more information call 303-366-1527
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Women's Sunday Morning Bible Study - Janell Lee
This Bible study is conducted by Janell Lee who is a wonderful facilitator with a friendly smile. This study is for women only. For more information call 303-366-1527
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Sunday Morning Bible Study - Randy Meyer
Randy is leading our bible study on the Heidelberg Catechism. For more information call 303-366-1527
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Sunday Morning Bible Study - Children's
This Bible Study is conducted by Linda Zellner and Ken Sanders. Linda truly has a way with our younglings here at CBC with a wam smile and friendly voice. She has much that we could all learn from and is readily available to serve.
For more information call 303-366-1527

*note - Sunday Morning Bible Studies for Children are to be supplemental to the primary training and teaching of their parents
Service Times:
Sunday 9:00am - Sunday Morning Bible Study
Sunday 10:30am - Sunday Morning Worship

Men's Breakfast: Tuesday 7:00am
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